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About Jooner

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Jooner was formed to create a space that would allow candidates to find IT Jobs with a higher level of transparency. We’ve all had the experience of submitting a resume and never hearing either a positive or negative response from the company. Jooner wants to resolve that by taking the IT field and creating a community of both candidates and employers so the lines of communication are always open.

We created a site to help job seekers get a higher response rate.
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Why Jooner?

In Farsi (Persian) Joon means ``dear``.

Here at Jooner we feel that each person is an important member of our community, everyone who posts their resume or posts a job is a ``dear-one`` and we want to bring all of our dear-ones together to fulfill their common goal, filling positions in the IT field.
We're making sure all our posted jobs you're looking at are of the level and quality that you're looking for.

Why Jooner over anyone else?

We are focused on finding the right job for you in the right industry. Our goal is to eliminate the guessing game of job application, and the frustration of never hearing back from a company.

We’re here to help Job Seekers worldwide to find their ideal job in the US, and do everything we can to help them stand apart as candidates for careers they dream of.


Have companies contact you instead of applying everywhere and never hearing back from them.

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